Command Description Return Value
Page <number> Selects a page on the current station The page number selected
Page ? Return the current page The current page number




The Page command selects one or more pages of the current station. Use the Page command in conjunction with action commands like Lock or Unlock to adjust the PIN authorization of a page.

Locking/Unlocking a Page

If a page of a station requires a PIN number, that page cannot be accessed unless the user enters the correct PIN first. Once the PIN has been entered, that page (and all other pages on the same station that use the same PIN) are unlocked and can be viewed/operated freely. To expire that PIN and effectively re-lock the page, use the Lock command. For example: Page 3 Lock. This command will expire the PIN number and require the user to re-enter the PIN to regain access to the page.

On the other hand, if you would like to unlock a page from within CueScript (without the user needing to know the PIN number), use the Unlock command. For example: Page 3 Unlock. This command will authenticate the page with the PIN number allowing the user to view and operate the page.


Page 1 Lock
Expires the PIN on Page 1 of the current station. If the page requires a PIN number, the user will have to enter the correct PIN before viewing or operating the page.

Station 4 Page 3 Unlock
Authenticates the PIN on Page 3 of Station 4. If the page requires a PIN number, it is automatically entered, allowing the user to use the page without needing to manually enter the correct PIN.

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