Command Description Return Value
Station <number> Select one or more stations The selected stations
Station ? Return the current selection The selected stations




When selecting Buttons, Contacts, Indicators, or Outputs on a connected station, the Station command can be used to specify a station number instead of specifying it as part of the Button, Contact, Indicator or Output number. The Station command actually sets the default station(s) to be used with any of the other selection commands when a station number is not used with the selection command. See the examples below for clarification.

Two Ways To Select Station Objects

There are two ways to specify a station object. The first is to use dotted-notation with the selection command. For example, to select Button 7 of Station 3, the command Button 3.7 can be used. The the “dot” is used to separate the station number from the object number.

The Station command provides a second way to select station objects. Using this method, the Station command is used first to change which station (or stations) are the default, and then use the object command to select the individual object. For example, to select Button 7 of Station 3, the command Station 3 Button 7 can be used.

Selecting The Same Object On Multiple Stations

The Station command allows the same object on multiple stations to be selected at the same time.

For example, to select Button 3 of Stations 1>10, the command Station 1>10 Button 3 can be used.


Station 3 Contact 4
Sets Station 3 as the default station, and then selects Contact 4 on the default station (Station 3).

Station 4 Output 1>10
Sets Station 4 as the default station, and then selects Outputs 1 through 10 on the default station (Station 4).

Station 1>5 Button 8 Off
Sets Stations 1 through 5 as the default stations, and then selects Button 8 on the default stations (Stations 1>5), and then turns these button indicators off.

Station 4
Button 1 On
Button 2 Off
Button 3 On
Sets Station 4 as the default station, then turns Button 1 On, Button 2 Off and Button 3 On (all on Station 4).

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