In addition to being able to transmit and receive DMX-over-Ethernet, CueServer also has built-in DMX ports for hard-wired DMX connections to fixtures, dimmers, consoles and virtually any other DMX compatible devices.

The rack-mounted CS-900 has four replaceable DMX module slots, and the miniature CS-920 has two replaceable DMX module slots, each of which can accept any of seven available DMX modules for input or output of DMX. The surface-mounted CS-940 has two DMX input ports and two DMX output ports that are available on the unit’s pluggable terminal block strips.


CS-900 CS-920 CS-940
DMX Ports 4 2 4
Bi-Directional Ports 4 2
Fixed Input Ports 2
Fixed Output Ports 2
Replacable DMX Modules Yes Yes No


Description CS-900 or CS-920 CS-940
Port Disabled Off Off
DMX Output (Active) Solid Green Solid Green
DMX Input (Active) Solid Blue Solid Green
DMX Input (No Input) Solid Magenta Off
Bad Universe Slowly Flashing Yellow Slowly Flashing Yellow
Bad Port Direction n/a Quickly Flashing Red
Error Condition Solid Red Solid Red